Nice Day for a Red Wedding

Story Sent in by Kristen:

Jack was communicative up until the day before our date, when he stopped replying to my calls and texts. The last we had left it, he was to meet me for a drink, and I showed up to the place all the same. After 10 minutes, he hadn't shown, but he texted me, "Change of plans: meet me at 11 Topsfield Circle in 10."

The address was a house with all of its lights on, like there was a party happening. It was quiet though, and when I knocked on the door, a woman in what looked like a torn, scarlet wedding dress opened the door and asked, "Can I help you?"

"Hi... Jack told me to meet him here..?"

The woman turned and yelled, "Jack!"

When Jack approached, the woman retreated back into the house. Jack said, "Great to meet you. Can we reschedule? As you can see I'm on a date."

I said, "We're supposed to be on a date."

Jack laughed. "Change of plans," he said, "I'll see you," and closed the door.

I went home. He texted me the following over the next few days:


"You'll furgive me :D"


"K. Fine. Ur mad. I got it."

"U still mad?"

"Y r u mad?"

"K. Fine. Be mad. I don't care."

"Still mad?"

"U wanna go out this tuesday?"

"Don't see y ur not replying. U can't still be mad."

"Haha ur still so mad at me. ok ok I got it."

"Call me plz."

"Y haven't u called me?"

"U just gonna be mad forever?"

"Is this about the girl in the wedding gown? She's nothing."

"Miss u."


The texts stopped after a few days, once he figured it out.


  1. Y is she still mad, tho?!

  2. OP must be a stone cold bitch not to furgive someone who utilizes the :D Come on! It's a super smiley!! U can't b mad @ Jack 4eva :(

  3. How long were you holding on to this story Jared to use it today?

  4. Heh. For a while, actually. I have a pack of stories saved up for various occasions. Such as geeking out over Game of Thrones.

  5. Tonight's Hodor was Hodor and you made a good choice with the Hodor.

  6. With a title like this, I was expecting some bloodshed, maybe even a little regicide.

  7. Sorry OP, you got stood up for Miss Havisham.

  8. Jared,

    When people send in dates that don't end really badly, you need to send them back to finish the job. We're never gonna know the extent of Jack's creepiness.

  9. Knew we could count on you J

  10. Did this guy think he was so wonderful he could pull this off or did he attempt to pull this off to see if the OP would put up with him being a jackass? Well handled OP, though I like how he was surprised she was upset and wouldn't respond to him.


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