Second Drink, Second Thoughts

Story Sent in by Charles:

It was my first date with Mae and we were out to lunch. When our sodas arrived, before I had a chance to drink mine, she reached across the table, grabbed my glass, and blew air through my straw, making the soda bubble like a cauldron. Her eyes bugged out crazy wide, like she was a mad scientist.

She was at it for a good 30 seconds before she finally stopped and handed my soda back to me. I was grossed out and I slid the soda back toward her. "You can keep it."

"Score!" she said, then put both of the sodas next to each other and drank out of both straws at once. She then carried on a conversation with me like nothing weird had taken place.

When our food arrived, she brought her fork within an inch of my salad and asked, "Can I have a bite?"

I slid my salad away. "No. You've already taken my soda. Eat your own food."

"Classy," she said.

"You're one to talk, double-soda-girl."

"Whatever," she said.

When the bill came, she put down enough money to cover her food and only one of the sodas. I told her, "You're paying for both sodas."


"Because you drank both sodas."

She gave me an angry look. "Fine." She threw down the money for the second drink.

We didn't go out again.


  1. Blowjob: You're doing it wrong.

    This girl was pretty bad but the OP should really learn to lighten up and learn to share.

  2. Yeah, a REAL man lets a woman blow bubbles through his soft drinks! This is why you will die alone, OP!

  3. Agreed. When I said "share", I meant a bite of his salad, not his freshly oxygenated soda...that was just nasty. Also, you are right TDYK, that comeback was about the worst ever.

  4. It seems like there are a lot of "feral daters" out there these days. Why don't people know even basic social ettiquette anymore?

    I wish life could be a lot more like Downton Abbey sometimes... minus the Spanish Influenza...

  5. No bite of the salad was pretty pathetic.
    This guy isn't going to get laid very often.

  6. Who the hell asks to eat some of someone else's food? Screw learning to share, learn to respect other people.

  7. Yeah. I've heard a tale of a certain fellow who took food off of a young woman's plate and exclaimed "Don't you do that? I guess it's a Greek thing." I suppose that would be a certain young lady's bad date story if she ever decided to submit it. But anyway...

  8. There are better ways to "go Greek."

  9. Or, learn to share, especially with people you wish to share other things with?

  10. I wouldn't share food with somebody who had already spit in my drink. Team OP.

  11. Or, the date could learn to act like you're not six years old, especially with someone you've never met before.

    People are allowed to set boundaries and enforce them. The date crossed the line when she blew bubbles into the OP's soda. The OP did the right thing when he didn't let her have access to any more of his food.


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