Say Aaagh!

Story Sent in by Amber:

David and I talked online for a few weeks. He was a dentist in a group practice and he liked to brag. Aside from that, he was a nice guy and we went out for coffee once with no issues.

We had scheduled up a second date for a Saturday. That Friday before, though, he showed up at my house in the evening, unannounced. When I answered his knocks at the door I asked him, "What are you doing here?"

He was in an undershirt and jeans, rolled up nearly to his upper thighs. He was sweaty and wore a filthy, loose headband. He said, "My dental skills need practice. If I knocked your teeth out, would you let me put them back into your head backwards?"

I closed the door on him and locked it immediately. He shouted through the door, "What about for a shirtless pic? Of you."

I was about five seconds away from calling the police when he took off, jogging away. Needless to say, there was no second date or further correspondence.


  1. Illegal drugs anyone?

  2. Yeah. Definitely sounds like some sort of controlled substance.

  3. Epic Bad Date Fail by AcciDental. You're supposed to wait until your victim is more deeply at your mercy - out in public, in your car, in an unfamiliar or dangerous location - before you spring the crazy.

    OP needs to find better losers.

  4. how would you put someone teeth in backwards?

  5. @ DaveG - Or just date a meth addict. They could always use some free dental work, and backwards teeth are way better than no teeth.

  6. Why do I have a feeling that he wasn't really a dentist, either?


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