Half Empty, Half Fulfilling

Story Sent in by Grant:

A bar with an extensive wine list was the setting of my first date with Cyndi. She was an wine enthusiast. I had confessed to her in an email that I didn't know much about wines, but she had never addressed that.

At the bar, she ordered some type of red wine and I ordered another kind that I picked at random. She gave me a funny look and asked, "You're ordering the [whatever-I-ordered]? Really?"

I said, "Why, is this a bad year for it?"

She said, "Every year is a bad year for sewage."

I asked her, "Maybe you can recommend one for me."

She laughed and asked, "Are you serious? You're a guy. Aren't you supposed to have a pre-programmed list of good beers and wines in your brain?"

"I don't know. As a woman, do you know the precise differences between Godiva and Teuscher chocolates?"

She said, "Yes! Ha!"

"And they are?"

She laughed, but a bit more uncomfortably this time. "I don't have to tell you. Don't turn this around on me." She pointed to a wine on the list and said, "Order a glass of that one."

Maybe she was making peace. It was a sensibly priced red. I ordered a glass and drank it. It tasted fine.

She cackled and said, "Ha! It's a bad year for that one! A bad year for that one!" She sang it in a "na-na-na-na-na" tune, like in my old grade school days.

I shrugged, finished the wine (despite her incredulous stare), put enough money down on the bar to cover myself, said, "Have a nice life," and left her there without another word. If good wines are more important to her than good company, I hope she has a very fulfilling life.


  1. good for you op, no one needs to date a woman child.and before anyone comments there no such there well if there is a man child there can be a woman child.

  2. I hate it when people expect you to be a certain way or to act a certain way. Like their image of what they want you to be. Just ask some questions and get to know your date and stop being a snobby little bee och. Good come back, OP with the chocolate. I have no idea the difference between Godiva and the other one.

  3. I applaud the OP for leaving. We see WAY too many people here putting up with absurd and antisocial behavior from their dates.

  4. Preprogramed beer, absolutely. Preprogramed wine? Who has time to waste on that crap?

    This girl was completely childish, or a "woman child" as Blue Blue so eloquently put it. Good job getting out of there OP.

  5. Good job all around for the OP.

    I have to wonder if the date just does this to everyone or if she just randomly decided to be a jerk about it that night. She must be insufferable if she's always whinging about no one else having her interest in wine.

  6. She cackled and said, "Ha! It's a bad year for that one! A bad year for that one!"

    This is the part of the date where you exclaim "Good lord, this wine tastes like sewage!" and spit it in her face.

    Or just pull out your phone and show her these articles, then patiently explain why only idiots pretend they can taste a difference between different vintages of wine.




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