A Couple of Nuts

Story Sent in by Kim

Way, way back in high school, one of the class weirdos, Chris, took an interest in me. He was so awkward but I wanted to give him a chance. He asked to pick me up at my house for a date one Friday night.

He came to the door in a wrinkled dress shirt, tie, and pants, each several sizes larger than he was, himself. He spread his arms and said, "Baby!"

I said, "Uh... come in. Wait on the couch."

He sauntered in and splayed out on the couch. I left him there for a few seconds to use the bathroom.

When I returned, he was standing on the couch and jamming on an air guitar with his junk flopping out of his fly.

I screamed. He stopped playing air guitar and said, "Kim. Look." He pointed at his groin.

"Put it away you weirdo!"

He tucked it back in and zipped up his giant pants. He said, "Done dumping? Let's go."

I didn't go anywhere with him, but I did show him the door.


  1. Yet another attempt at the "Naked Man" ploy or in this case "Surprise, here's my junk!" Glad the OP decided to give someone from the minors a chance but you have to expect things to go wrong when your own description of him was "...one of the class weirdos...".

    Extra points to Chris for adding the air guitar move.

  2. Just goes to show that even budding sexual deviants have their very own Wonder Years.

  3. Everyone needs to rock out with their respective cocks out once in a while...

  4. Meatspin, the early years.

  5. I wish you'd play air guitar for me, Steve. ; )

  6. "Everyone needs to rock out with their respective cocks" glad you clarified it's "their respectiv" . People can get confused and whose cocks are they suppose to get out.

  7. I'm going to reference this story for every guy who insists that women have to give every awkward guy a chance.

    Just because he's awkward doesn't mean he's not a jerk.

    (Usually the guys who think women have to give awkward guys a chance aren't actually awkward anyway. They just think that saying they are excuses their bad behavior.)


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