Touching Gestures

Story Sent in by Sandra:

Erick and I met in college, and he asked me out on a lunch date. I was to meet him at his off-campus apartment and we were then to do lunch together.

When I made it to his place, his shirtless roommate let me in and said that Erick would be right there. The roommate invited me in and I sat on a plush chair in front of a TV set.

The roommate turned the TV on and sat right next to me on one of the chair's armrests, which made me suddenly very uncomfortable.

I asked him, "Um, do you want to sit down, here?" meaning the chair, itself, rather than the armrest. I was ready to stand and let him have the whole seat.

"I'm good here," he said, then put a hand on the front of his jeans and rubbed up and down, really fast. He moaned, "Oh, yeah—"

I shot up and said, "Could you tell Erick that I'll be waiting outside for him?"

I strode to the door, and the roommate said, "What the hell?" behind me, as if I had done something wrong.

I walked to the sidewalk and waited there for Erick. He wasn't long, and when he came out, he was mad.

"What did you say to my friend?" he asked me, like he was ready to fight.

I replied, "I wasn't going to wait for you while he was practically on top of me and touching himself!"

Erick laughed and said, "That's it? That's what you're upset about? He does that all the time! I don't think it was worth making him feel bad about it."

I processed what Erick was saying, and to really drive the point home, he said, "It's his house as much as it is mine. You're the guest in it, so maybe you're the one who should show some respect."

I said, "If you think it's okay to treat your guests like that, then neither of you deserve respect. Excuse me," and I left him standing there, all dressed up. He shouted after me and later sent an off-color text. Both of those actions only reassured me that I did the right thing. I mean come on, really?


  1. Guys are totally allowed to molest and/or rape their roommates' dates. It's in the bro code.

  2. I don't think that's bro code, that's cellmate code. The "good" guy lures 'em over and then the other one jerks off on 'em. I thought that kind of trick was only done in prison but I guess free world perverts are catching up to the locked up perverts.

  3. If he felt bad about it, why is he still an assclown?

    Men like that make me wanna go all Hannibal Lecter on them, minus the cannibalism. Hannibal hates rudeness.

  4. I don't know what is worse, the roommates perverted behavior or the fact that his asshole roommate though it was okay because it was in his home. You did the right thing and got away as quickly as possible. By their logic, its okay to sexually assault or mishandle someone because of "respect" in "their house." I'm sure they spend quite a bit of time alone, as evidenced by the roommate's behavior.

  5. Wow, what a couple of a-holes! Good on you, OP, for getting the heck out of there ASAP.

  6. People can be such asshats. Sorry this happened to ya, OP. Good on ya leaving.

  7. Wow, a woman with self-respect! Amazing!

  8. Way to go, Sandra. They were both @$$hats

  9. I had an asshat once, but my donkey didn't like wearing it.

  10. In my defense, I actually just had a stain on the front of my jeans that I was trying to wipe off. Sandra, the OP, is giving herself way too much credit; her face is what's known as a "boner killer."


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