Pregnant Pause

Story Sent in by Elisa:

Warren met up with me for an informal first date at a coffee place. Once we sat down, he asked me if I had ever been pregnant. I hadn't, and I told him so. He then said that he had read a statistic saying that 90% of all women had been pregnant at some point and not known it. I told him that I was pretty sure I'd know it if I was pregnant.

He then asked me if I was pregnant at that current moment. I nearly spat out my drink, but I assured him that I wasn't. He then told me that he had never made a girl pregnant, but that he had always wanted to, to know what it would be like.

I said, "Maybe you'll find out, someday."

He asked, suddenly excited, "With you?"

"Probably not."

The rest of our time together was filled with nervous glances (on his part) and stilted conversation (on mine). Once I finished my frap, I told him that I had someplace to be, and I left.


  1. Wow. I don't even know what to say. What a weirdo.

  2. I would of left when he said "with you?" So creepy - the guy already wants to impregnate you or at least make plans to on a first date.

    It amazes me how some people completely lack social skills and are unaware of what is acceptable in social situations.

  3. He's just a speed dater-he wants to go right from causal dating to having children. He's bypassing dating, serious relationship, engagment, marriage, and family planning! Why let things like that slow up the mating proces?

    Like someone already wrote, the lack of social skills is amazing. Its not a wonder that they are dating websites without any success.

  4. You just know this guy had a whole pocket full of pregnancy tests!

  5. He wanted to see if his practice of leaving his semen on public toilet seats was having an effect.

  6. This modern day Romeo has the social skills of Quasimodo with Asperger's.


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