Story Sent in by Nelson:

Jean and I went out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant, and she asked the waiter if they had anything chocolate for dessert. He informed us that they didn't.

Jean asked me, in a low voice, "What kind of place doesn't have chocolate for dessert?"

"A Chinese restaurant, I guess," I told her.

After dinner, she said that she wanted to pick something up and so we went into a Wawa convenience store and she bee-lined right for the cheap boxed chocolates display. There were gift boxes of all sizes and she said, "It would sure be nice if someone got me some chocolate."

I looked around, hoping to find someone who'd be nice enough to buy her chocolate.

She repeated, "It would sure be nice if someone bought me some chocolate."

I grabbed a nearby pack of M&Ms and asked her, "Want to split a pack?"

She replied, "M&Ms? Those are mostly sugar. It's not real chocolate."

I said, "The chocolates in these gift boxes aren't exactly grade-A, either."

"Doesn't matter. It's wrapped better, so it's better chocolate."

The boxes were in convenience-store-grade cellophane, but I wasn't sure how that guaranteed their "quality." I bought the smallest gift box I could find, and opened it up as we left the store.

"What are you doing?" she asked, "Those are mine."

I replied, "I thought we could share them."

She groaned and said, "I guess."

I've never seen a more depressed face on someone who was eating chocolates. Needless to say, we haven't crossed paths since.


  1. mmmm. OP, you seem a lil' douchey. Just my humble opinion.

  2. I looked around, hoping to find someone who'd be nice enough to buy her chocolate.

    She repeated, "It would sure be nice if someone bought me some chocolate."

    All the OP had to say was, I agree. I wish you the best of luck finding that. And left Someone who starts demanding you buy them things on the first date isn't someone you want to keep around for the second one.

  3. tanette, why OP douchey? Because he didn't immediately give in to the little princess' passive aggressive demands? What kind of spoiled bitch does what that woman did?

  4. She was in the wrong for sure but OP responded with passive aggressive infantilism.

  5. @ villyjean. Nope. He definitely shouldn't have done that. Because as Bluejae said he was passive aggressive about it and then basically gave in to her demands. I can understand him trying to get into her pants, but it doesn't seem like he was trying. Maybe douchey is the wrong word...

  6. Personally, I think they were both passive aggressive douches.

  7. I could go with that, kitty. Definitely.

  8. If i was op, i would have said yeah that nice person could be yourself. and plus she the one who is douchey she didn't even wanna share the chocolate.

  9. The OP's date was an immature, demanding lady no doubt but at the same time he was passive agressive by buying them and then demanding half. I think best advice when dealing with someone who acts that demanding or immature on a first date is to just end the encounter. That way you safe yourself the hassle and that other party learns that they won't always get their way.

  10. why shouldn't he get half of them? he fucking paid for them after she manipulated him into buying them. Completely on the OP's side here.

  11. It's only fair he got half, he did buy them. He didn't demand them: "I thought we could share them."
    She however made it very clear she wanted him to buy her chocolate so if anyone was demanding it was the date.

  12. I detect the subtle smell of Dinner Whore in the air with a hint of gas station chocolate.

  13. If they'd had a dessert she'd liked at the restaurant, would he have paid for it there? Most likely. So what's the issue with buying her a $3.99 box of chocolates to make her happy on a first date? AND he knows what to get her for a good gift later in the relationship.

    She probably thought she was being cute with the "I wish someone would buy me chocolates.. (loud sigh)" thing, not passive-aggressive.

    He blew up this date for no good reason.

  14. @Dunicha, I don't think anyone said he shouldn't have half. I think the part about him allowing himself to be manipulated into buying them is what some of us are having a problem with.

  15. The issue is that it is completely rude to ask someone to give you a gift. Yeah, he probably wouldn't have cared about buying her dessert at the restaurant but just because he spent less money there doesn't mean he has to spend more elsewhere to make up for it. I can't go out a date with someone to a museum and then say, "If we'd gone to lunch you would have spent $15 so buy me this t-shirt."

    She should have said during their meal, "I'd really like some chocolate. Can we go someplace else for dessert?" or even "Do you mind buying me dessert somewhere that sells chocolate?" If she'd asked directly and framed it as being part of the meal he may not have balked. At least she would have been honest and upfront about it.

  16. So he's a douchebag because someone managed to make him buy some chocolate? Really?

  17. Yup. Absolutely he's a douche. Trying to appease bitchyness adds to the douche factor. Makes me angry. It's not that he's a pushover, but he was both trying to make her happy and thinking he was better than her at the same time. He was all judgmental of her, but then he bought her the damn candy, therefore reinforcing her behavior. And then he wanted to share the candy. Mixed messages and doucheyness all around.


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