You Mean, Aside from the Aqua?

Email Sent in by James:

Hi James!!

Thanks again for dinner and for the CDs. I listened to Aqua on my way home. How long have they been around? What do you have planned for tomorrow?

When I came home from last night all my clothes smelled funny and then gross and grosser. I know it's not me because I took them off and the smell was coming from the clothes and not me. I threw them in the wash (a special load justfor them because they smelled so bad) but when I took them out they smelled like soap and really bad stink. My sister and her friends are coming over to see if they can help because I really like the outfit. I mention this because I want to know did you hide some sort of nasty thing on me? haha.



  1. I guess it does say "still more ahead" but so far she doesn't seem crazy. But where was she when Barbie Girl was the hot new track on the block? I wonder if she knows how to work the Google on the internet machine...

  2. James, did you play "hide the Salami" with your date?

  3. Unfortunately, 'stupid' doesn't come out with just one washing...

  4. Perhaps she was sprayed with Chunky Horse musk...


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