Why Romance Is Dead

Story Sent in by Christopher:

Jasmin and I were at a restaurant on a second date when she complained of a stabbing pain in her stomach. She went to the bathroom and returned, feeling no better. I suggested that we leave, and she agreed. I asked her if she wanted to go to a hospital, but she said that she just wanted to go home.

The problem was, she was in no state to drive (she said so, herself) and so I put her in my car and drove her home. She was concerned for her own car, parked nearby, as there was no overnight parking allowed on the road. I told her I'd take care of it, and I drove her to her home and put her to bed.

Before I ran out to take care of her car, I offered to pick up something for her from a drugstore. She asked for some anti-nausea medication and a bag of those Valentine's Day candy hearts. I wasn't sure how the latter would help her feel better (maybe they were a comfort food for her?), but I promised her that I'd grab them, as it was around the time of year when they were available. She gave me her keys, and off I went.

I went to the drugstore first, grabbed her medication and candy hearts, brought them to her, and then went to recover her car and bring it back to her place, which took about an hour and a half, all in all. When I returned to her place with her car, I went up to check on her, and she was asleep. I went to sleep on her living room couch, thinking that if she needed help, or had to go to the hospital, I'd be there to help.

Next thing I knew, it was morning, and she shook me awake. She had a wooden bat in her hand, and she said, "What the hell are you doing here? I'm calling the cops if you're not gone in 10 seconds."

Groggily, I said, "I stuck around in case you needed a ride to a hospital or–"

"Why would I need a ride to the hospital? Get out right now."

"Are you okay?"

She swung the bat at me, and I took that as my cue to leave. We didn't go out again, of course. No good deed unpunished, eh?


  1. I know you had the best of intentions, and chick was definitely hailing from crazytown, but you shouldn't have taken it upon yourself to stay. It was your SECOND date, I'd have been a little weirded out too.

  2. He was on the sofa, it's not like she woke up next to him.

    1. That isn't the point. Without further information (like, they were old friend, etc) I have to assume that second date means they barely know each other. For all intents and purposes, second date is still practically strangers. You would want a stranger in your house, overnight, while you were passed out sick? And what if it was just a ploy? "I'm not having a good time, I'll pretend to be sick." Then he decides not to leave? Granted, I'm a big fan of just saying, "not interested" but we all know that a lot of people use tricks to get out of a date, and now this guy didn't take the hint. I'm still Team OP, because that bitch was insane, I'm just saying it wasn't the smartest decision to make.

    2. so, villy, your comment has me confused - she invited the stranger into her house. she let the stranger drive her home. and seemingly ok'd a stranger to take her keys and retrieve her car. so if her thought of him is "stranger," then why would she have been game for any of that?

      i am also interested in what you would say about all those strangers from first and second dates i brought home to smush...? are you saying these were bad decisions? sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

  3. OP neglected to mention that he'd smeared himself in butter and maple syrup and was wearing a pair of her underwear.

  4. OP, it's almost like you don't read stories on this site. With the amount of crazies out there, I'm kinda siding with the chica.

    Maybe it was a little extreme on her end (maybe... maybe not), but considering she probably just woke up mid-way through a drug induced coma to find a stranger laying on her coach, I'm still siding with her.

  5. I think staying over was overkill too, but her reaction was way over the top. She swung the bat. Cray.

  6. A Bad case of the 50 First Dates.

  7. The OP is the crazy one for thinking she'd be OK with him sleeping there without her knowledge. All of the people saying that she' overreacted by having a bat would be berating her for *not* having it if she were telling the story he'd turned out to be violent.

    "She swung the bat at me, and I took that as my cue to leave."

    Really? Why didn't you take "I'm calling the cops if you're not gone in 10 seconds" as your cue to leave? Why are you asking someone holding a bat and threatening to call the cops if they're OK? You weren't being punished for a good deed, OP, you got a bat swung at you because you wouldn't take her at her word that she wanted you gone.


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