Someone Forgot How to Use the Internet

Profile Sent in by Jennifer:


  1. honey buubuu? LOLOLOLOLO.

  2. "I went to a good college so I like to think my brain?" That sentence gets trippier and trippier every time I read it. It's the question mark that gets me.

    When I read this, it felt like reading bad subtitles to a Japanese game show.

  3. "And I do not like to feel gay TODAY." I think he meant what we think he meant. Accidentally typed the truth and forgot to LOLOLOLOLOLO it away.

    The first 'graph is painful with all the exclamation points, and I think of all the anecdotal stories I've heard that all lawyers do coke. Maybe don't write your profile while on a bender, jeesh.

  4. i'm really confused about this posting?

  5. Yes you have to watch out for all those tight shorts and bulging muscles in sports! I feel much safer watching bowls or chess - no chance of feeling gay there.

    Argh, thinking about it has made me feel gay again!

    Must. Look. At. Bikini. Pics. Now.
    Not. Think. Of. Stiff. Things.

  6. I read "bowls or chess" as "bowls of cheese". I would much prefer to watch bowls of cheese

  7. holy shit shoe i haven't lol'd like that at a comment in a while :P


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