Exit Stage Inbox

Email Sent in by Angie:

Anyone ever tell you you look like snagglepuss? HEAVENS TO MEGATROID! EXIT STAGE RIGHT!

That's meant as a compliment btw. Snagglepuss was THE HOTTEST of the Yogi Bear crowd. If I were ever to do it with a lion I WOULD DO IT WITH SNAGGLEPUSS. She and you are both hot. How about you?



  1. Ah, Snagglepuss, the first of the openly gay cartoon characters.

    I want to believe emailer was using 'she' in the RuPaul sense, but he's apparently just congenitally stupid.

    1. Agreed, I thought the same thing. HE does wear a collar and bowtie after all. Maybe Eli just has a bad case of teh gheys.

      PS. Happy vajayjay day Fizziks!

  2. Yogi the Bear was so hot, they tried to clone him...unfortunately they made a Boo-Boo.

    I think he be into beastiality.


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