New Year's Grieve

Story Sent in by Danielle:

Brandon and I had been together for over a year when another New Year's Eve rolled around. We were invited to a huge party at a friend's house, and when I say that all three floors were packed solid, I mean it. I think we cleaned out the stocks of about two entire liquor stores. It was a total blowout.

Everything seemed to be fine between Brandon and I, leading up to the party. We had even signed an apartment lease together a month before. I really, really liked him, and feelings, it seemed, were mutual.

At the party, I limited myself to a single drink, as I was driving that evening. Brandon had two beers. We spent most of the night catching up with whoever happened to be pressed up against us at any given moment. It was really loud, and I have no idea how it wasn't shut down by the cops.

Close to midnight, we gathered around whichever TV was closest. Brandon and I ended up with a surprisingly small group in the downstairs living room. We gathered close together with 30 seconds to go... 20... 10... nine... eight...

Brandon and I put our arms around each other as we watched the ball drop. I readied for the forthcoming kiss...

Seven... six... five... four...

His arms tightened around me.

Three... two... one...!

He pushed me away, turned around, and kissed another girl, full on the mouth. At first, the girl seemed stunned, but not as stunned as I was. The girl was someone I barely knew, myself. She may not have known that Brandon and I were together, otherwise she (hopefully) wouldn't have put her arms around him, as she then did.

I slugged Brandon in the shoulder and he finished with the kiss and turned to me. "What?" he demanded, "What do you want?"

I flew from the party, shoving through to the door, and bawled my way across the yard, the sidewalk, and down the street. When I had finally composed myself, I returned to my car and drove home, without Brandon.

I didn't hear anything else about that girl, but as for Brandon, I threw him out of the apartment the next day, and I haven't spoken to him since. Whether Brandon had planned the whole thing or is in a relationship with that girl now, I don't know. I'm currently in another relationship, and all has been well for the three New Year's celebrations since.


  1. Yeah, you want to know what happened here? His feelings weren't that strong for you and he was thinking of moving on until you pressured him into signing an apartment lease. Now the poor guy was stuck because he didn't know how to say "no" when it counted. Fast forward to New Year's Eve. The ball is dropping and he's looking at you thinking:

    "Really? This is where I'm going with my life, really? I don't even like this girl. What am I even doing here with her? The ball is dropping and I'm going to be stuck with her. You know what, fuck it. Who's that chick behind me, Zoey? She's pretty cute, I'll kiss her instead. That'll be a bitchin' move!"

    And so you dumped him in a huff, which was honestly what he wanted to happen. Good thing you took the car; he needed a way to get Zoey to take him back to her place.

    1. "The poor guy"...you mean the immature coward who couldn't be honest about his feelings?

      I love how it's the woman's fault here for "pressuring him". For some of you it's never the man at fault, is it?

  2. I think the guy was looking for a way out of the relationship. Once you have a living space with someone, one of the parties can feel trapped or realize things aren't working out. I don't think it was spur of the moment-the guy planned it and he got out of the situation. Instead of acting like a mature adult and simply ending it with the OP, he decided act like a jackass and embarass his date.

    I think the OP is better off. Have a great New Year everyone!

  3. This is one of those cases where it shows how little people know the person they are dating. People get caught up the version they want to see rather than how someone actually is.

    While the OP may have been surprised by his actions, I bet her friends weren't.

  4. Where are people getting that the OP pressured this dude? Even if she did, I presume there were multiple times he could have bailed on her instead of waiting until the ball dropped on NYE.

    His stunt seemed planned to me. Who thinks of that kind of shitty stunt on a whim?

  5. I got stuck on the part where you were moving in together because you "really, really liked him and feelings, it seemed, were mutual". HUH? Why do people move in together at the drop of a hat?

    I agree with the comment that the dude felt pressured, although he certainly could have handled it in a more forthright manner through communication,instead of taking the coward's way out.

    1. they were together over a year...how is that at the drop of a hat? and what better reason to move in with someone than that you really, really like (aka love) them and they feel the same way?

  6. The people ripping on the OP are joking... right? They have to be. That's a super shitty thing to happen to someone. That guy was a coward and totally planned that whole thing, be it the day after they moved in or the night of the party, it was planned and a super mean thing to do to someone.


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