Babes in Toilet

Story Sent in by Harrison:

Lauren and I were out to dinner together on our first date when she excused herself to use the restroom. While she was there, I received a text... from Lauren. A photo. Of the back of a bathroom stall door. Okay. Strange. There seemed to be nothing of note on the door, or any reason for her to have sent the photo to me.

What took the cake was the next message she sent: a photo of a toilet with urine and toilet paper in it.

"Eww!" I recall saying out loud, and when she returned, I asked her what she had meant by it.

She replied, "I dunno. Just wanted to show you what I was up to, I guess."

My appetite was quite taken away. I asked her if she usually sent photos of her bathroom activities to people, and she replied, "Only when it's necessary."

"So what made it necessary in this circumstance?"

She said, "I dunno, okay? Look, if I knew you'd flip out about it, I wouldn't have sent it!"

"That doesn't strike you as weird? Like, what if I sent you a photo of a toilet after I was done using it?"

She said, "Then I'd know that you were thinking of me. It doesn't matter. I dunno. Just forget it, okay?"

I did my best to forget it, but I couldn't. Now, you may not forget it, either.


  1. Hmm... a few possibilities, here.

    One, she liked you and was genuinely thinking fondly of you in the bathroom, but was socially under-developed enough not to know that sending bathroom pics is gross.

    Two, she didn't like you and was trying to gross you out so that you would choose to leave. That way she doesn't have to be the bad guy. Some people are so averse to conflict and upsetting others that they'll manipulate someone into ending a bad date for them.

  2. I was hoping that there would be a funny/weird/dirty message on the back of the door. This was just gross.

  3. There's a few possibilities here. Lauren is into water sports and wanted to gauge the OP's reaction. If he was calm or intrigued, pee pee sexy times is on and Lauren is a happy girl. If he freaks, she'll know he's not down with the splish splash and move on accordingly.

    Or she's an insecure weirdo who needs to be constantly reassured that she's being thought about even when a dude is expelling waste.

    Either way, OP dodged a very pissy bullet.

  4. Good thing it wasn't a deuce. Or that you weren't at a Mexican restaurant.....God, why is my imagination so overactive and sick?

  5. Sounds like she did a...*puts on sunglasses*...piss-poor job.


    Also, send her a pic of you murdering a hooker and dumping the body in a community pool. 'Thinking of you!'

  6. Maybe she used to be in an abusive relationship, where the guy was controlling and needed proof of where she was at all times...


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