How Do You Like Dem Apples?

Story Sent in by Leanne:

Ken asked me, online, among our first exchanges, if I'd be comfortable visiting a gentlemen's club on a first date. I told him that a standard dinner or drinks or museum would be preferable. He wrote back that he understood and after speaking some more, we made plans for a date.

He took me out for lunch to a Chinese place that we both liked, then we took a short walk before the part of the date I really looked forward to: apple picking.

We had found a place a short ride out of town. As it was a first date, we took separate cars, and I drove there, expecting to meet him and pick some apples.

When he didn't show up after a while, I became nervous. Was he lost? Was there an accident? I called his cell several times and hit his message each time. I opted to go apple picking without him. I was already there, and figured that he'd hopefully show up and join me. If he didn't, I'd still be worried about him, but at least I'd have some apples to eat while being worried.

He never contacted me that day, or the next, or the next. I wrote him an email to let him know that I wanted to know what had happened to him.

He wrote back the following: "Stopped at club, lost track of time!!!!"

His bad. And mine, I guess.


  1. So asking you during the early exchanges of conversation if a strip club would be appropriate for a first date, and you don't think that was a big red flag.

    1. If she's looking for something casual, I don't know that it's so bad. But if she was seeing this guy in the hopes of anything long-term... yeah, that would seem to be a problem.

  2. Gotta agree with Jaye. Suggesting a strip club for a first date is a huge red flag. Any guy that can't even be bothered to hide his strip club obsession for a night isn't worth even a casual date.

  3. She may have thought he was trying to be funny or risque...alsi the guy is most likely an addict.

  4. Yeah the strip club invitation was a complete read flag, but I also love how the OP was like:

    "Ummmm, he could be dead or something, but grrl, I srsly want some apples!"


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