Story Sent in by Ryan:

I wear my glasses to drive. None of my online profile photos were of me in my glasses. Jacqueline and I met online, and I drove to meet her for our first date. As such, I had my glasses on when I stepped out of the car to meet her.

I gave her a big smile, but she backed away. "Glasses?" she asked, "My ex-husband wore glasses. He fell asleep with them on all the time and broke them all the time. He spent more on glasses than he did on me."

I thought she might've been teasing, but she wasn't. She said, "Take them off or I'll take them off you."

I took them off and put them in my pocket. She said, "If I see you in glasses again, I swear to God, I'll leave. No questions asked."

I asked her, "Are you serious?" This was before dinner, right on the sidewalk. I couldn't believe that she was starting a fight with me already.

She said, "I'm dead serious. Put them on again and I'll rip them off your face."

She had a nasty way about her that online, I apparently didn't see. I put my glasses on right then and there and asked her, with a serious look on my face, "Where do you want to eat?"

If she tried something physical, I had a good feeling that I could protect myself (and my glasses) but true to her more passive threat, she simply walked away, across the street, to her car and drove off. I had no idea that my glasses would ever be good for anything more than their usual use, but they helped me see who Jacqueline really was, and for that, I'm grateful to them.


  1. >>I had no idea that my glasses would ever be good for anything more than their usual use, but they helped me see who Jacqueline really was, and for that, I'm grateful to them. <<

    I see what you did there.

  2. I bet Jacqueline would end up being a really high maintenance bitch who thinks nothing is good enough. OP was lucky he got that before he actually spend any money on her

  3. Okay why after she her crazy did you attempt to provoke her? She showed her crazy and you had time to leave. Just simply say "I see this isn't going to work" and drive off.

    I work with criminals and the mentally ill, best thing to do is just walk away.....

    1. Thanks for providing some rare common sense in your reply, Devil.

    2. I disagree. If you have someone who is schizophrenic or bipolar (ie irrational) "Standing up for yourself" isn't an option. Assertiveness and redirection is.

      Why in God's name do people put up with bitchy crazy, insane, etc. behavior from people they don't know? Be the bigger person and walk away. What is the point of dealing with crazy? Unless you are desperate.

      People are often "bitches" because they want attention, even if its negative. Senora here probably had unresolved issues with her ex she needed to work out. Leave her to her misery and move on.

    3. I could have sworn that assertiveness and standing up for yourself are the same thing.

  4. You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses would ya?

  5. If only all glasses allowed people to see things for what they truly are...

  6. You know who doesn't wear glasses? Chunky Horse. His beady red eyes glow with a fiery intensity...


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