Bad Santa

Story Sent in by Eleanora:

Seth and I had been seeing each other for a little over a month when my family and I invited him to spend Christmas with us. On Christmas Eve, we had a nice family dinner, told stories, all hung out long into the night, then finally went to bed. Seth and I had separate bedrooms.

My bedroom was next to the second-floor bathroom, and at one point around the middle of the night, I heard someone taking a shower. That was unusual. Maybe it's Santa, I joked to myself, then fell right back to sleep.

In the morning, we entered the living room to discover the Christmas tree and all of its ornaments hurled and twisted on the ground, as if an ogre had clubbed it over. Some of the ornaments were broken. The presents, mysteriously, were untouched, and there was no further sign of a break-in.

Suspicions fell on Seth immediately, as he was the only guest in the house. Plus, a used towel in the upstairs bathroom smelled a lot like pine needles.

Before things became too heated, I took Seth aside and asked him if he had perhaps accidentally stumbled into the tree or had an accident in the middle of the night.

He brushed me off with a grin and said, "Nah, I was just having fun. Wanted to see what your family would do. Keep it a secret with me?"

I suggested to him that he leave as soon as possible, and after asking me repeatedly if I was serious, he did.

My family and I managed to have a beautiful Christmas after all, and I broke things off with Seth shortly thereafter. What he was really hoping to accomplish, I'll probably never know.


  1. Was he hung like an ogre?

    1. That's why she said she broke up with him "shortly thereafter"... "shortly" meaning she continued to sleep with him from six to nine months after this incident... and now we know the reason why.

    2. LOL, good observation. I bet we're not totally wrong, either...

  2. Inviting someone to spend Christmas with you and your family after only dating for three months seems a little fast.

    1. It says a little over one month.

    2. Oops, my mistake. Only being a little over one month makes it all the more strange!


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