When Push Comes to Shove

Story Sent in By Alex:

Kelly and I were out on a walk on our first date when our talk turned to the countries to which we've traveled. I listed off mine, which included France.

She cut in, "Whoa. France? Really?"

"Yes. Have you been?"

She snorted and laughed loudly. "Does it look like I've ever been to France?" She then shoved me so hard that I thought it was a bona fide attack. It came out of left field, and nearly knocked me off my feet.

I said, "What the—what was that for?"

She said, "Oh, chill out. I'm just clowning around."

Maybe she simply played rough, but I wasn't sure. It was a gutsy move for a first date, but perhaps it was her way of flirting. I decided to move past it, but it wasn't long before...

"Did you have a treehouse as a kid?" she asked.

"No. Did you?"

"Nope! Ha!" she yelled, then shoved at me again with that same, stupid laugh.

"Cut it out!" I said.

"I'm just playing," she said, "What's your problem?"

A playful punch, I could understand. But this was full-on shoving, and there was no reason for it. Before I could answer her, she barked, "Answer me, faggot!" and shoved me again.

"All right. That's it." I said, and walked away. I didn't hear her say anything else, and she didn't follow me. I was half-expecting another shove, but it never came. Neither, of course, did another date.


  1. I dunno, sounds to me like Alex is just being a wuss. Then again, I wasn't there. But even giving the benefit of the doubt and assuming she really was pushing too hard, it doesn't make her a terrible date. She was just into roughhousing and Alex wasn't. Posting this is like the adult equivalent of whining, "MOMMY, KELLY PUSHED ME!"

    1. So, Alex should have... what? Decked her? Roundhouse kicked her? Shoved her in front of a semi? He took the high road, and your complaint is that he's telling his story a bad date on a site full of stories of bad dates?

  2. I think just using 'faggot' is enough to constitute a terrible date.

  3. Woman forgot to rent some MANNERS before going out with Our Hero

  4. Maybe it was her way of telling him to "shove off."

  5. Maybe she was an Elaine Benes fan?

  6. Who are all these people in here? This is not the most shocking date recently really.


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