Ghost of a Chance

Story Sent in by Stephanie:

On our first date, Jack asked me to meet him at a library. I didn't think anything of it at first: it was a central location, and I assumed that from there, we'd head to dinner.

Instead, he took me into the library, led me to an aisle of shelves, and said, "Wait here. I just have to use the bathroom."

He hurried into the neighboring aisle, then poked at books through the shelves so that it looked like they were falling off, into the aisle I was in, by themselves. Yep. Scary.

After doing that for half a dozen or so books, he came back and said, "Okay, I just went to the bathroom. Ready to go?"

"Yes," I said, without referencing the book thing. He looked at me as if he really wanted me to mention something about it, but I thought it was pretty silly, so I opted to ignore it. As we left the library, he asked, "Anything strange happen while I was gone?"


At dinner, he said, "They say that library's haunted. What do you think?"

I replied, "I don't believe in ghosts."

"You didn't see a ghost knocking books off of shelves while you were there?"


He inhaled and exhaled loudly, as if transmuting exasperation into rage. Once more, he asked, "You saw no books falling off of shelves while you were there?"


He said, "Fine. This will be the only time I pay for dinner, ass-bitch." He called the waiter over, paid the check as quickly as he could, said, "Good night," and left. What a relief!


  1. Yet ANOTHER case on here of women accepting a free dinner when they should have walked away. Jeez.

  2. It's my nature to see things through on the outside chance they'll get better (hence my 20-year marriage), so I wouldn't want to be called a dinner whore. Besides, he owed her a meal for tolerating that beyond-lame bit in the library.

  3. This is what I see as a 'dog with a bone' type situation where some douche has an idea or gimmick he thinks is brilliant and won't move past it and if you don't 'play along' he becomes upset or behaves like some petulant child. She didn't 'let him'pay for dinner, he opted to pay all on his own, his tantrum probably didn't allow enough time for her to even react.. ass-bitch, the nerve.

    1. yeah, like the guy with the superman shirt


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