I Drank Her Milkshake

Story Sent in by Chris:

Amie talked so much about her last boyfriend during first date dinner, I felt like I knew more about him than I did about myself, by the end of it. At one point, she said, "I think he still has a pair of my shorts, in fact," and she pulled out her phone and called him, then and there, to ask him.

It was easy to decide that there wouldn't be a second date, but she hadn't yet pulled out the biggest surprise of all.

After we left the restaurant, she texted like a madwoman and then asked me, "Want to go to Margot's?" Margot's is a dessert place that makes awesome shakes. I was game, if only to have a shake and a pleasant association with which to end the evening.

At Margot's, Amie ordered two shakes (she insisted on paying for mine) and then, after responding to a text, she stood up from the table at which we sat and said, "I'll be right back," leaving me there with her shake.

She never returned. I sent her a text and called her after a half-hour, and neither received a response, so I figured that she was gone and I had two shakes. It was awesome.

Two weeks later, after I had mostly forgotten all about her, she sent me a message: "Do you still have the shake I left with you?"

I replied, "It's gone."

She wrote back, "What happened to it?"

I emailed, "I drank it."

A day later, I received a PayPal invoice from her, for about twice the price of the shake. After having a good laugh about it, I deleted the invoice and tried to forget all about her again.

Well, she made that a bit difficult, sending me emails about every day for half a year before she finally stopped. Funny how she was more concerned with being reimbursed for her shake than for actually being a good date, in the first place.


  1. You got Shaked (Doubly), She got Rattled (by her Ex), and She tried to Roll you. OP FTW, except for waiting 30 minutes.

  2. Google "Margot's Milkshakes" and it led me back here. Real name and location, please?


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