Why Chivalry Is Dead

Story Sent in by John:

I had spoken to Lara online for maybe about a week when I asked her out for drinks. We met in front of a bar, introduced each other, took a brief walk around the block, and then, when we returned to the bar, I held the door open for her.

She froze and gave me a withering stare. "Ugh. You're one of those?" she asked.

I was confused. "One of... what?"

She said, "One of those hold-the-door-open guys? Seriously?"

I closed the door. "You can open it yourself, if you'd prefer. I was just being nice."

She looked at me as if she had me all figured out. "You know exactly what I mean. You hold the door open for me and then you'll expect sex and marriage and babies."

My turn to give her a look. "I will?"

She nodded. "I've seen it all before. But this is a first date, and I demand patience and respect."

"Okay. Ready to go inside?"

She laughed and stepped away. "You still don't get it! Adios."

She walked away, leaving me confused, date-less, but probably better off.


  1. What a fruitbasket. Well... her loss. But at least both parties didn't waste much too time.

    I like it when a gentleman holds the door for me. Some women do not, but they often have good reasons (or at least something that makes sense! Holding open a door = sex? What?)

  2. 'probably' better off?

    How about 'definitely'.

    Not to mention she demands 'respect' for nothing, but isn't prepared to accept courtesy.

  3. Why can't people just accept someone being nice.

  4. maybe her ego is so big she doesn't get that kindness and acts of lust are two very different things.... weirdo for sure...

  5. The only time I'm ever annoyed by someone trying to hold the door for me is when I walk up to a door, notice a (male) stranger a few steps behind me, politely hold the door open so that he can enter, and get a refusal to enter because I'm holding the door - no, no, I must relinquish my existing grip on the door and let you hold it, so that I, the LADY, can enter first! I don't mind a guy making a little extra effort to open a door for me, most of the time it's sweet and gentlemanly, but when I've already GOT the door, making me release it so that you can hold it does seem a bit like a power play, especially if you're not my date, just some random guy who was entering a building at the same time that I was.

    1. I dunno; I think I've taken the door from women before (I'm a woman) rather than having them hold it for me. I'm just doing it to be nice, but I guess I can kind of see where you're coming from.

  6. You may hold the door for me any time. :D


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