Rebuttal Post: Have a Cow

(Candice, given the name "Jennifer" in yesterday's Have a Cow, has submitted her own version of events on that date. Candice says, "I was shocked to read Pat's story today. If it's not about me, then I don't know who else it could be about.")

Rebuttal Story Sent in by Candice:

First thing: Pat was really, really into himself, and was the sort of guy who'd twist any situation to make himself the victim or the hero. It didn't hit me until after the whole date situation. He didn't mention in his story that he had held down three jobs in less than a year, having been let go from each subsequent one because they "didn't like the way [he] did things." That's called insubordination, asshole.

We agreed on Chinese food for dinner without any of the argument that he portrayed. I hadn't even heard of Master Wok II, but I wasn't at all averse to trying it. I did ask him, "Is that a hole-in-the-wall place?" but only because I was actually curious, not because I looked down on such places. Either way, if he suggested it, I'd try it.

During that same conversation, he was, as he said, the one to inform me that Fredo's had closed. I was down about it because I had lots of great memories of Fredo's. I must have had six of my childhood birthday parties there. So yes, I might have been down about it, but I certainly didn't blame him for it closing!

At Master Wok II dinner, we sat down, and when the waters came, I drank some, did not spit it back into my glass, but did remark that it tasted like hose water. I then ordered a diet soda, and that was the end of it.

I commented on the "shoddy" table and chairs? What is this, Home Improvement? I didn't even notice! As long as the chair held me and the table held my food, they were great.

Things went downhill, actually, when Pat himself made a comment about the table. It rocked slightly, but barely enough to even notice. He shifted it back and forth, though, and asked for my napkin to stuff it under one of the legs and stabilize it. Why my napkin? I couldn't guess, but it was replaceable, so I handed it to him.

Whatever he did made the problem worse, but he sat back up and said, "There. Fixed."

I tested it out, and my glass nearly fell off the table! "It's pretty rocky," I remarked, or something like it.

"It's fine!" he snapped, way louder than necessary, "I fixed it."

He hadn't, but I wasn't in a mood to argue. I remained silent until we put in our food orders. He ordered chicken and broccoli, as he said, but I ordered the sweet and sour chicken. No salad. As for me asking if they had veal (or making that rude "Do you have that in China" comment), he's nuts.

While we waited for our food, he said, "You're mad at me. I can tell."

I replied, "I don't think that was a nice tone you used before, after... working on the table."

"Terrific," he said, then sat back as if he had me all figured out, "Now you're going to be bitchy bitch for the rest of the night. There was a problem. I fixed it. You complain about it. Reminds me of some bosses I used to have. Is this a date, or am I out to dinner with my boss?"

Realizing that nothing I could do would make the situation more comfortable, I waited for a few minutes, then took out my phone, pretended to receive an emergency text, and hurried out of there before he could even ask me anything about it.

Did I send him that stupid email about finding veal? Of course not. Why would I ever want to interact with this bozo again?

(See Patrick's original post here.)


  1. i like the honesty in regards to the fake msg...but it really didn't seem to be a very magical match..

  2. Arghhh I'm torn. Though I'm leaning towards Candice.

    Something about Pat's account irks me, it's one of those posts where the OP makes out they are the paragon of rationality and calmness, like a little boat riding out a tropical storm.

  3. Of course there's no veal in China - they are the poster child for animal rights and respect!

  4. And this is why I have a girlfriend, and Pat does not! (said in the voice of John Lovitz)

  5. Team Candice. I'm getting a truth vibe. His post just seemed a little too one-sidedly nutty.

  6. Team Candice. Even the strangest men I've been on dates with have had at least one good moment on the date or on the phone beforehand.

  7. Is it safe to assume that a majority of stories are a lie?

    1. Only if you're quite jaded and cynical.

    2. Only the ones with rebuttals.

    3. Ah ha! Touché Churro!

  8. Carmen...probably but it hardly matters ;)

  9. I'm unsure who to believe here. Candice comes across poorly to me for seeming vindictive by mentioning Patrick's job history (what did that have to do with the date or him?) as well as her tone and not offering to pay for her food.

    1. "andice comes across poorly to me for seeming vindictive by mentioning Patrick's job history (what did that have to do with the date or him?)"

      The guy wrote an account that makes her seem like a horrible idiot. Kudos to you if you could refrain from biting back, but I think its understandable.

    2. Ashley, I was thinking about that, too. I understand how she could be upset if his account was untrue, but the whole job thing was irrelevant and feels like a cheap shot. It seems like she's just trying to say, "Oh hey, he has a sketch job history. Come over to my side."

      All that being said, I agree with others that there is something off about his post.

      Oh well. It's not like I'm gonna lose any sleep over it. ;)

    3. I think the comment is relevant as he made a snide remark about "being out to dinner with his boss".

      I think that wouldn't have made much sense, or would have made less impact, if we didn't know he has problems keeping a job.

      Hello Pat, did you ever think it might not be the rest of the world that sucks... That maybe it's just YOU?

  10. definitely team candice. hers is a much more balanced account-she doesn't try to make herself seem perfect, like he does.

  11. Now that's a really bad date story. This Pat guy sure lacked the proper dating etiquette. Good move on not contacting him again.

  12. Now this guy disappoints me. This not how you treat a girl when you go dating with her (and after).

    Fregard Mosform

  13. Reading about the 2 sides of this coin makes me wonder about how false or 1-sided all the other accounts may be. It would be great if we could hear the other party's story for all submittals on this site. It might give us some good insight.

  14. Patrick sounds like a strange person


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