It's a Scream

Story Sent in by Scott:

Cassie and I had been out on two dates. They were both great, and she always sounded enthusiastic to interact with me, whether by email, phone, text, or in person. In fact, she initiated most of said interactions. I was excited about her, too. So when she suggested that we hit up a local haunted house for Halloween, I was all over it.

We arrived there, and she took my hand as we approached the community center, where it was set up. She insisted on paying for both of us (I had paid for our first dinner together, and the subsequent game of laser tag), she took my hand, and we entered.

Less than ten seconds after entering the world of black lights and strobe, a guy in a hockey mask jumped out at us. I jumped, and Cassie screamed, taking my arm.

I held her tight and we continued on. That was, until, a guy in a wolfman costume leaped out and roared.

"Yaaaaaagh!" Cassie screamed, then bolted away from me, tore through the haunted house, rounded a corner, and was lost to sight.

I pursued, avoiding all the guys jumping out at me along the way (and there was a good amount of them).

I exited through the back door, just in time to see Cassie flooring it away in her car. It confused me first because I wasn't sure why she'd act that way, and second because she was my ride.

I called her and left a message, then I called her again. She picked up, yelled, "Aaaaaaaaagh!" and then hung up. I called her a third time, and she screamed, "Gaaaaaaagh!" and then hung up.

I texted her, "What's wrong? Are you okay?"

Her response: "AAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!"

I texted, "Mind coming back to pick me up?"


Okay, then. I called a friend to grab me. I tried Cassie again a half hour later, and her voicemail picked up. I tried her again an hour later, and the same thing. I didn't leave a message either time, and resolved not to call her again. Clearly, she would call me back when she wanted to.

She didn't that night, nor the next day, nor the day after that. I texted her, "You okay?" and to that she responded, "AAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!" again.

I texted her, "Just give me a call when you want to talk."

"AAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!" she replied. Never heard from her since.


  1. Well, at least she insisted on paying to ditch you...

  2. Now see, that's creative. And kudos for sticking with it in text and everything, for days. This, people, is how you flee a bad date situation. With quiet dignity and grace.

  3. I texted her, "Just give me a call when you want to talk."

    It's too bad texts are limited to 160 characters, since I think what the OP really wanted to say was "Just give me a call when you want to talk. The way you abandoned me in the middle of nowhere was hilarious - when can we plan our next date? By the way, I've got my balls in a jar here and you can come pick them up whenever you want."

  4. I, also, used to date a 'screamer.'

  5. A new life - a new story. And sometimes you get a chance to live it bright and even crazy. It's up to you to decide. be creative, risk. Without risk there is no victory.


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