He Owes All of Us an Explanation

Story Sent in by Katherine:

Larry called me at the exact time we were due to meet for our date. He said, "I know this sounds crazy, but I've locked myself in my car."

I asked, "Can you unlock the doors and then step out?"

He replied, "Not that simple. I'm parked on Fletcher Street."

I rounded the corner to where he was parked and found him in the back seat of his car, locked in novelty handcuffs. I opened his car door and asked him, "What's the story, here?"

He said, "That's not important now. I need these off me."

"Where's the key?"

"Not–er, not available to me at this time. I have to go to a hardware store and just get them hacked off."

I walked him to a close-by hardware store but waited outside. Should I really have walked in there with a guy in handcuffs? That would have been a fun explanation.

I waited and waited and waited, until finally the place closed up. I knocked on the window and asked the clerk if the guy who had entered in handcuffs was still inside.

The clerk said, "I cut through the connecting chain and one of the cuffs when he up and left through the back door. He still had a cuff on, and he didn't come back."

If anyone out there encounters a guy with a single handcuff on, then tell him that he owes me an explanation.


  1. The handcuffs I can't explain. The disappearing act, though? That one's all too obvious.

  2. He could dial and speak on his cell phone but he couldn't open the door. Really?

  3. I feel like he did you a favor there.

  4. Weird story...

    * He was trying out the handcuffs in the hope of some steamy action later on. But was stupid and forgot the key
    * But my real question is - why didn't OP follow him in? What's the big deal? And more importantly, how long did she wait outside? Until it closed - granted if they're having dinner the time may have coincided with the closing time but still...

    1. My guess is the OP didn't follow him in because she didn't want to be associated with possible kinkiness and Larry. If she had walked in with him, anyone who saw them would have probably assumed that Larry was in handcuffs as the result of some kinky horseplay, and she didn't want to be thought of that way.

  5. Yeah, I worry what the people at the hardware store think...


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