Why I've Been Homeless Since I Was Seven

Profile Sent in by Tina:

The most private thing I'm willing to admit:

One time my brother and I stayed up late to try and catch the tooth fairy. My bro hunts with my dad and so we had a machete and two skinning knives. We waited in the black room and then when we heard the tooth fairy came in we jumped out and my bro knifed my dad in the face!!!!! ahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Wasn't funny then byt looking back now it is.


  1. Good thing it was his dad. If it had been the actual tooth fairy, there would've been a lot of disappointed kids. Still, having the tooth fairy's head as a trophy on your wall would likely give you some schoolyard braggin' rights.

  2. So the kids are young enough to believe in the tooth fairy, yet assumed old enough to hunt and have free access to machetes and knives in their house? Parent fail!

  3. It's called the Midwest. Welcome. Have some fried cheese curds and a brat or two.

  4. It's called the Midwest. Welcome. Have some fried cheese curds and a brat or two.

  5. I am unclear on why you'd want to knife the toothfairy. It would be much wiser to capture the toothfairy and extort her for money. If she's dead, she's useless! Stupid kids


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