He Thinks You're a Hydra

Email Sent in by Charlene:

I was in a museum and saw lots of artistic statues that people think are beautiful but many of them do not have heads or arms. People still think these things are beautiful. Do you think that you would still be beautiful without heads or arms? Discuss.



  1. We've got so many of these now that I think you need to come up with some sort of clever "serial killer" tag, Jared.

    1. I think in between your reading the story and posting this comment, you played a few thoughts your head that we can only imagine, Agnes... ;-)

    2. This was CLEARLY some dude who wants to dismember his dates. I don't know why you are still so trusting of humanity after being a regular here so long, Churro!

    3. Oh, don't worry - I'm plenty jaded after reading this blog for a while. Maybe I still have faith in humanity but I have no faith in love, haha.


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