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Honest to god, the men on this site are like savages. Do any of those stupid come ons actually ever work? Of course they don't! A real man wouldn't have to resort to such idiocy. You're all just a bunch of dicks.

How about I wash you down with oil and soap and then we will see who the harder laugher is. It will be me I promise have any of you ever actually been out on a date I feel as if I'm surrounded on a site by guys who have no experience at all with knowing how to interact with other humans let alone women or me.

What does it take to find a nice guy on here? Am I screaming into my pillow by myself or are the women of this site going to come together to own their own destiny and take down the savages once and for all? We are women and we don't care if you men are here: we will bring the toxic to you and there is nothing you will be able to do to relate to us

I think we must be of different species than you not only a different gender maybe you should suck down some oxygen instead of stupid tobacco that makes you think you are god's present to all of us because guess what *deep breath* YOU'RE NOT!!!!!


  1. Wash me with oil and soap. Own your destiny and tame my savageness. Bring the toxic to me and deny my need to relate.

    Let me suck your oxygen...

    I'm NOT.

  2. Cue the desperate, clingy "Nice Guys"...

  3. I wish she had taken that deep breath toward the beginning of her rant rather than at the end. Maybe it would have calmed her the fuck down.

  4. Sounds like someone's a little bitter

  5. Hey - at least it was well written! She may be angry - but she's articulate.

  6. Heck, I'm bitter too. lol. Hazzah!


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