Matchstick Man

Profile Sent in by Sara:

What I'm doing with my life:

Hey - I wish I had the time to look at all of your profiles - I really do - but I am busy with scientifics. Like what happens when I take an umbrella and OPEN IT UP INSIDE YOUR BODY??? FLOOOOUUUP!!!

That's bad. SO bad. I will make it up to you (unless you are male - why then are you reading my profile?). I want to find enough lumber to build an addition to my house even if the city will not let me, which they won't! Fire hazard? Have you even SEEN the forest in the city? Ummm... what's the bigger fire hazard? You tell me!


  1. There are so many people I just never want to meet. I should stop reading this site while I still have .003% faith in the human species.

    Rawr and Claire, of course that mistrust doesn't apply to you, so no worries.

  2. Claire is happy to know that you still love her, Agnes, but what about meeeeee?!?!

    Broken Hearted,

  3. Nikki, I still love you, despite your humanity. <3 (And the fact that the Ravens take up three hours of my valuable homework time every Sunday now.)

  4. The onomatopoeia on that umbrella bullshit is not helping matters.

  5. Trusted to feast upon my steaming guts, oh yes. :)

  6. That won't happen if you put a hat on her, Agnes.



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