Put-Down and Makeup

Story Sent in by Ronald:

Bridget and I had been out on two dates already. For our third date, we met at a restaurant and planned to follow it up with a late walk through a cemetery. We were into such things. In any event, at dinner, she said, "I have something for you," and slid a foundation compact to me over the table.

"A compact," I said with a smile, "for all of that makeup I put on."

She said, "No, just put on a thin layer. In the bathroom. I'll wait."

"Why would I do that?"

In reply, she passed an eyebrow pencil to me and giggled. "Try this, too."


"Because I think you should. You'd look cute. I'll wait here. Off you go."

I said, "I'm not going to put makeup on. Sorry."

"Why not? For me?"

I laughed. "Why would you want me to look like a woman?"

"I don't. But makeup can make even ugly people look attractive."

I gave her a look. "So you're saying I'm ugly?"

She said, "No. Put the makeup on."

I joked, "I'm surprised you didn't hand me lipstick."

Her eyes widened. "I thought that would be too much. Are you willing to?"

"Ha! No. No makeup."

"You wouldn't do this for me?"

"No. I'm not going to put makeup on."

She scooped the compact and pencil back into her purse. "You're a louse," she said, clearly incensed, "You won't do this little thing for me? See how far that gets you."

"Are you serious? I'm a guy. Why would I put on makeup?"

"It doesn't matter!" she snapped, "I just wanted you to! End of story! Now you're too late, so don't ask me to try it on anymore."

"I wasn't going to."

She shook her head. "Too late. You're too late. That opportunity's gone."

"Uh, I–"

"It's gone! Gone, gone." She buried her face into a menu. I did the same. Not long after, she said, "I was going to say earlier, 'I'd love to consider a relationship with you,' but now I've changed my mind."


"You're such a louse. A real louse."

I put my menu down. "Bridget, want to cancel dinner and call it a night?"

She hesitated to think it over, then said, "I'm kind of torn: part of me wants to just sit here and tell you what an asshole you are, but the other half wants to leave you here."

I stood up. "All right, then. Let's go."

Without a word, she grabbed her stuff and fast-walked out of the restaurant. I gave her a bit of a head start, as I didn't want to risk encountering her outside. On my way out the door, she texted me: "LOUSE!" It was a fitting end, I thought.


  1. Not too keen on Ronald's gender essentialism here, but Bridget's insistence and reaction were pretty unreasonable.

  2. Yeah, especially considering it was a private spot. If she had a fetish for cross-dressing she should have kept it to the bedroom: it's totally unreasonable to expect somebody to embarass themselves in public (especially on just a third date)!

  3. If he was into cross-dressing, then it wouldn't have been embarrassing. As it turns out, Ronald is pretty secure in his gender and the ways in which that gender manifests itself. He didn't react in an over-the-top, defensive way, so I feel no need to judge him. (Shocking, I know.)

    Bridget, however, took the rejection of her idea way too harshly. The best place for her to bring up her fetish (if that is what it was) would be in private, either back home or maybe in the cemetery. (I'm going to assume they're the types who'd get it on in a cemetery. Why not.) There are also better ways of raising such a subject with someone than "Do this. If you don't, you're an asshole." Hopefully this won't make her rule out her fetish but rather learn to approach it in a more responsible, appropriate way.

  4. I don't think it was necessarily a fetish. I think she's just a goth type (or, an outside chance, a Juggalette) and wanted to ease Ronald into it. The cemetary thing and the particular choice of makeup would seem to support this.

  5. I was also wondering how the cemetery factored into this, and originally thought she wanted him to get all Gothy too. I just went with the fetish theory after because I couldn't figure out why she'd be so offended that he wouldn't want to get all "Gothed up." It'd make more sense for her to be sensitive about him rejecting a fetish of hers than her preference for pale men who look like Edward Cullen.

  6. The difference between a "preference" and a "fetish" is that somebody with the latter will turn down an otherwise good relationship because of it. This was definitely a fetish.

  7. Maybe it was a power thing and she wanted him to do what she wanted no questions asked.

  8. Hmm, strange. The OP was asked to put on make up, said "no, why?" and stood his ground, asking for explanations and getting none, eventually ending the date. There was no rationalizing, no finding excuses to do something stupid because "she was cute," "she really wanted me to," "she seemed harmless" and other such nonsense... strange indeed.

  9. Total power thing. I just can't imagine anyone with any experience of their own kinks would try to introduce them to a partner in such an asinine way.

    My guess: she gets off on people doing whatever she feels like making them do, no questions asked.

    Bullet dodged.

  10. ^ I agree with Churro - an OP that is actually reasonable, stable, open-minded, yet ALSO not a pushover? What has this website come to?!? It's MADNESS, I tell you, MADNESS!!!

  11. Madness!? This! Is! ABCotD!


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