It Keeps Slipping My Mind

Email Sent in by Brenda:

Third e-mail to you. Anyone ever teach you manners? I can teach them to you if you contact ne back. To recap I'm shawn and you need to write me back this is a reminder to you.

So what do you like to do for fun I'm shawn pleased to meet your. You should write me back I will bring you to great places all the best clubs in the world I'm shawn. Why haveb't you rwritten me back yet?

Even if you're not interested you can stil write me back with a not eas to why you are not intertested in shawn. Shawn I'm not into you because and then you list the reasons tho I don't know why you wouldn't be interested you've never even gotten to know me yet! Otherwise write to me with reasons why you do want to write back to me I'm not picky lol. I'm shawn.



  1. So... What's this guy's name again?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Yes, because we all want to hear that the person we're with "isn't picky". Nice.

  4. Of course he isn't picky. He's... uh... I forgot his name.

  5. Shane's a liar. You just know that if she sends back a "no thanks," Sherwin will release replies of such invectives and vitriol that her inbox will spotaneously combust. And there's no way Shelby would ever reimburse her for a new computer.

  6. ^Made me smile. Good one Agnes.


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