Faux to Graphs

Story Sent in by Agatha:

Stephen and I agreed to meet up at a coffee place for our first date. It was in the middle of a bustling downtown area with plenty of stores, and seemed like a good central location to meet.

I drove there, parked, and went inside the cafe. He wasn't there, and after 10 minutes had passed, I called him. No answer. Another five minutes went by and I tried him again. He didn't pick up. I left.

When I returned to my car, I noticed two pieces of what looked like paper underneath one of my windshield wipers. When I took them off of my windshield, I discovered that they were photos of me entering the coffee shop, taken with a telephoto lens. One of them had the phrase, "You should be more careful" handwritten on the back.

Freaked out, I looked around. No sign of anyone or anything suspicious. I called Stephen again, suspecting that he had something to do with it (he had listed photography as a hobby on his profile). Again, no response. I climbed into my car and drove home by a circuitous route. I don't think that anyone followed me home.

I didn't call him anymore, and he didn't contact me. Best I can figure, he waited for me to arrive, took the photos, ran to have them printed up, and stuck them to my car before I left the coffee place. To this day, I have no idea what he was trying to accomplish, other than trying to upset me. It worked, but I can't imagine too many dates being impressed with such an act.


  1. ...how do I say this nicely...? He didn't like the lighting of his subject.

  2. Wow. A lot of these bad dates are pranks gone wrong or half-assed attempts at being "quirky", but this guy sounds like a real psychopath in the making. If this happened to someone I knew I'd likely encourage them to contact the police, who may or may not be able to actually do anything about it.

  3. I think you fell down with the title to this one, Jared.

  4. Really? I was so very proud of myself for it.

  5. Better title suggestions:

    "Stalk photos"

  6. Ooh, "Stalk Photos". I like that one. :] The problem with "faux to graphs" is that there are no graphs in this story, and nothing is false, so it only works on the very shallowest level of sounding like "photographs". :/

    And now I put away my soapbox.

  7. You people have too much time on your hands.

    - A guy who runs a bad date story site.

  8. Truthfully, i thought the title was wickedly witty! I'm not just tickling your testes, JMG!

    Why be so negative? Shoot, we can all point fingers but let's focus on developing friendships here. Smile!

  9. :}

    Just for you, Howie. Just for you.

  10. Team Howie. :)

  11. It's obvious that Sir Veilance thought she was fugly but decided since he went ahead and left his dark room he'd be all kitschy about it.

  12. Haha, maybe he's some kind of a self-proclaimed hero, teaching women to be more careful on their online dates! because you never know, one might take photos of you and be a real creep...


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