Hear You Roar

Story Sent in by Stephanie:

Jim and I were walking down a street together on our first date, after a short walk around a park and on our way to dinner. All of a sudden, he dropped several coins on the pavement.

"Whoops!" he said, then stooped to pick them up. I bent to help him.

"No, no!" he said, "I've got it. There's aren't too many of them." He then situated his head so as to see up my dress.

I stepped away. He jerked at me, then tried to look up it, again. "Come on! Just a peek!" he whined, once I was too far away for him to try again.

"This date's over," I said and walked away.

"Hey!" he yelled, jumping to his feet and running for me, "Wait up!"

I sped down the sidewalk, but he caught up and stood in front of me. "I'm sorry," he said.

I replied, "I appreciate that, but–"

"But there's nothing wrong with taking a look. I mean, you are wearing underwear, aren't you?"

I side-stepped him and moved on. He called after me, "Aren't you? Hey! Aren't you? Are you wearing underwear or not?"

I didn't appreciate that, especially as there happened to be several other people walking along the same sidewalk. He didn't make the mistake of following me, but instead yelled, "Are you wearing panties?"

Furious, I turned around and screamed, "No, but you are!" then hurried to my car as fast as my legs would carry me. I was positive that he would give chase, but I made it back to my car without incident.

He wrote me an email that night in which he said that what he did was nothing to be ashamed of. "I was just being a normal guy," he said, "But your reaction makes me think that you were raped or something. Were you?"

I've never been, thanks to luck and common sense, and especially for knowing when to walk away from idiots like this one.


  1. I am very sad to inform you that this is not the movie Splash, and you Sir are no John Candy. Since he only stuck with this practice because it worked for him, perhaps you should re-think your strategy next time. Subtlety is a lost art.

  2. Nice victim blaming at the end. That was totally necessary.

  3. Am I the only one who thought her screaming "No, but you are" was a little stupid and childish?

  4. ^Stupid, maybe, but realistic. I thought so anyway. I know I don't have any real witty comebacks when one is called for, just stupid things I wish I hadn't said later.

  5. SSF,

    Really? Yes, it was a silly thing to say, but she was obviously stressed out.

    It would be awesome if OP could name this sleazebag, or at least get him arrested.

  6. I'm with Floofy.

    You don't have more common sense than other women just because you've never been raped, implying so is just ignorant.

  7. ^ Oh come on, you guys are maybe being a bit oversensitive here. She said thanks to LUCK and common sense; I think it's a bit of a stretch to suggest that she's implying that rape victims "deserve it because they lack common sense", or anything like that. I think she was simply referring more to the fact that Jim seemed to have a rapey personality.

  8. Gotta go with wolfie on this one.

  9. ...although on reflection, I suppose it's kind of tragic that after reading so many bad dates the word "rapey" is now a useful descriptor for somebody's personality. <:-\


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