Swim Away!

Profile Sent in by Harry:

About me:

I am a member of a swim club that I go to every day. We swim and talk about swimming and sometimes have water dances. I am a fan of the water to put it mildly. You can call me Waterbaby! I am the Waterbaby of this site! The Waterbaby of the planet.

Oh Waterbaby that is me. I want a waterbed so I can be a true Waterbaby. Ah yeah that would be fun. So I would like to meet a man with similar interests! He will be smart and handsome and fun and will love swimming with a true blue Waterbaby! I made up a song about me that I will even sing to you if we meet!

Oh! Oh! Oh! Waterbaby!

Swimming through the streets! Swimming through the town! Swimming through the water!

Oh! Oh! Oh! Waterbaby!

I will sing it to you. It is my little joke. I like guys who are good swimmers so please swim well and strong and fast or I will catch you and engulf you into that which is Waterbabababababababby!


  1. I dunno, she sounds quirky and perhaps borderline obnoxious but I don't see anything ABCotD-worthy here.


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