They Still Ship People Overseas?

Email Sent in by Todd:

Hello Todd,

It was good to meet you the other night. So good. I want to move this up to the next phase of our relationship. You can tell me about your previous relationships info whenever you want to now.

My last relationship ended when the guy turned into a drunk. He said I nagged him too much but he would forget normal things like doing errands and going to work. That's something that should be nagged about! He drank a lot and forgot that he had a jkob and ate drugs and turned into a jerk so I dumped him.

My guy before that was shipped overseas and I never heard from him again.

My guy before that was engaged to me (I mentioned this to you) but he didnt show up on the day of our engagement picnic and instead I found him in my cousins bedroom handcuffed to a radiator! How's that for an engagement present! Not a good one and he had to explain that to me but after being engaged to him a second time (we broke off the first one because he was handcuffed to the radiator) I broke it off after I got bored with him and his family. Some families are just nothing at all. Why are they living and eating all of our precious oxygen? I think they should go away or at least breathe something not oxygen so we can all have more.

Hope it's okay to unload that much on you, your turn!


(Todd says: "Our first date was at a cafe: uneventful and quick, and so I didn't really know much about her until she wrote this.")


  1. I like how one of her exes "ate drugs"

  2. Yes because oxygen is like cake, if you take a bigger slice than anyone else, someone's going to go without! I think she is proof of this.


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