And My Brain Is Shaped Like a Duck

Email Sent in by Stella:

y r u cryin in 1 of ur pics? u shud be glad that u r born in america in africa kids r strving u selfish brat. jk.

the back of my head is sqare shaped. weird birth defect i was told but makes it real easy to sleep lol. u like guys with sqare heads? ever seen 1? u shud. r kids would have heads of round or sqare shape? i do not know but it is a sleight defect to most ppl wont notice unless i point it out to them lol. ugggggggghhhh i dunno wat else u wanna kno??



  1. Um, nothing else thanks.

  2. E-mail: so easy even a cave man can do it.

    Still, I do have to wonder why anyone would upload a picture of themselves crying to a dating site.

  3. *Crawls through desert towards a mirage of an oasis. Waves hello to the horse with no name. Reaches mirage. Picks up dictionary by fake water's edge. Throws it at Ian's head.*

  4. That birth defect must be worse than he knows.

  5. This is proof that gross motor skills supercede actual thought. uuuggghh


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