Rose-Colored Beach Glasses

Story Sent in by John:

Kim and I walked down a beach together after a light lunch at a boardwalk cafe on our first date. She took my hand as we strolled, which was unexpected, but I didn't pull away. She was very kind, rather attractive, but also pretty sensitive, and she seemed a bit nervous, which I did my best to assuage.

"Let me know if you see any beach glass," she instructed me, "I collect it."

"I will," I replied, "For how long have you collected it?"

She slowed down the pace considerably. "Since my ex-boyfriend made me a necklace out of blue, green, and white sea glass."

She slowed down even more, and finally stopped and turned herself out to face the waves. "I miss him," she said, "I miss him so much."

I released her hand. She cried. I said, "Kim, it's… it's okay. Do you want me to leave?"

She wiped her eyes and asked, "I want you to call him for me. Can you do that? I don't think he'd pick up if I called."

"You want me to call your ex? Why? He'll hang up, anyway. He doesn't even know me."

She said, "You can just call him and tell him you know me and keep him talking, even if for just a minute. I want to hear his voice. Talk to him on speaker. His number is… you ready?"

I replied, "I don't think this is a good idea. If he's not talking to you, then I'm sure he has his reasons, and me calling him and talking to him about you probably won't be a good thing."

"Then talk to him about something else. College. He went to Colgate. Tell him you went there when he did and you have some questions."

"No, Kim. I'm not going to do that."

"Then leave." She sat down on the beach and watched the waves slowly creep closer. The wind picked up.

"Come on, Kim. We can still have a good time. We could–"

"Are you him?" she asked.


"Then we can't ever have a good time. I'm sorry. You were right. You should go."

I left. On my way back up the beach, I found a piece of sea glass, small and green. I left it on top of her car back in the parking lot.

She emailed me that night to say, "You won't believe this, but right after we talked about my ex, I found a piece of beach glass on my car, just like the kind he used to make my necklace! Guess it's fate after all. I'm going to call him. Have a nice life!"

I am. I hope that one day, she does, too.


  1. Aww :-( John sounds like a sweet guy - this crazy girl missed out.

  2. Wow, reminds me of just about every girl I went on a date with in college...

  3. Wow Steve, why are you going after overemotional kids still hung up on their exes? Is it because they're more likely to put out if you say you'll get their ex to talk to them?

  4. Girls with emotional baggage are so attractive. Especially to their ex-boyfriends. Remember, if he ignores your first 100 calls, you may not be trying hard enough.

  5. ^ Absolutely. Remember, it's not really COMMITMENT unless your ex has to try to have you committed!

  6. Wow, somebody has serious issues. It was probably her first boyfriend, or first intimate partner.

    I wish people like this would just stop trying to have other relationships. No one cares about your bullshit life where you pine for the one that got away. Stop stringing along. Go back to your pitiful life and cry it off.

  7. A date that proves chivalry is not dead. Well done sir.

  8. OP, you should have been considerate and at least TRIED to compromise with her. For example, she could have given you a hand job while you had her boyfriend on speakerphone. That way she gets her selfish emotional gratification, you get some selfish physical gratification, and we get a funnier story for our own selfish amusement. It'd be a win-win for everyone!


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