Hawaii Five-No

Email Sent in by Dara:

Hey Dara,

When I was very little, around 5 or so, my family and I went on a trip to Hawaii and one morning before my parents or sister was awake I went outside early and played in the back lot of the hotel and I saw a dinosaur. Not a fake one. This was a real longneck, about half as tall as a tree (a baby!) and real as you and me. Its neck was blue gray and had thin red horizontal stripes up and down.

It ate some tree branches and looked at me but even that young I knew that it wouldn't hurt me since it only ate plants. It went on and I shouted and pointed at it. People came running but it was gone by the time they came to me.

My parents found out and they didn't believe me and so they made me stay in the hotel and not go out and so I screamed and until I ran around with my sister's underwear on my head they wouldn't even let me go out.

You have a funny real life story to share?



  1. Pffft. Everybody knows that real dinosaurs aren't blue grey with thin red stripes, even "long necks". Dumbass.

  2. I might be a little sexist, because I originally read this as being written by a female, and it seemed kind of run-of-the-mill crazy. It seems a lot crazier when coming from a guy. Lesson of the day, I guess, is that girls is crazy, but sometimes guys is too.

  3. ^Doesn't seem crazy to me, just five years old.

    And I bow to Rawr's wisdom in these matters.

  4. ^The crazy isn't what happened when he was five, the crazy is still believing it when he's a dating-age adult.

  5. @ Agnes: I also vote for the five years old, especially since he used "Land Before Time" terminology.

  6. Ankh, I see your point. It could go either way, like how I remember being TERRIFIED of the troll under the bridge on the road up to my house, but don't still think it's real. This is the internet, though, so we should probably assume the worst.

  7. Yes, this is the internet. You should be afraid of the troll under the network bridge.

  8. You should be afraid of the troll in the /b/.


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