I Love it When We're Losin' Together

Profile Sent in by Livia:

What I'm doing with my life:

I was fired from three high-paying jobs in ten years but it's not my fault if you let me speak about it. It's because I think a little too far outside the box. When they say they want solutions, they only want solutions that ensure that they hold onto power, not cost-effective, efficient solutions.

Because of my clear thinking I am labeled a "loser" and if so I wear it with pride. I am smart and have almost $2,000 put away which is more than most people! It has everything to do with my "loser" money management skills. Most americans have way less in savings. Guess I'm not that much of a loser after all, huh?

I spend most of my time at home on the pc working from home. That's good if you're looking for a guy who's a stay-at-home dad type who will hold down the fort while you're out at your own job or working from home like me. No shame in that, right? Save money on dual rent, electricity, heat, etc. Two could use enough for one. It's easy. That sort of thinking of course got me in trouble in my jobs.


  1. What girl wouldn't want to move in with a bona fide thousandaire?

  2. I can understand why most would think he's a loser, but clearly, people, he's not a loser: just a very, very misunderstood visionary that's probably years ahead of his time.

  3. rawr is my new favorite commenter for two reasons: 1) rawr is a bitch after my own heart. 2) I used to have a plastic dinosaur named "rawr" when I was in college. I loved that dinosaur.

  4. If you enjoy Rawr's comments: http://www.stfucouples.com/

  5. ^^ ouch.
    Howie is a bitch too and you still have a 'snatch' that I"m sure you've felt even beyond College, so your reasoning is lacking substance!


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