Pile Driver

Story Sent in by Mae-Lynn:

Patrick and I had spoken online for a couple of weeks before he asked me out to dinner. He was from a couple of towns away from me, and he offered to pick me up at my house. I wasn't entirely comfortable with giving away where I lived so soon, so I asked him if he'd pick me up from a square in the center of town. He did, and off we went towards an agreed-upon restaurant, not too far off.

In the car, we caught up over a few minutes and he mentioned that he was in the midst of some sort of argument with his father about a loan. He seemed to want to talk about it, so I asked him for more details.

He was silent in response to my query. A deserted construction site was coming up on the right, complete with a big pile of dirt, taller than I was.

He shouted, "Nobody's going to get past me!" and drove us right into the dirt pile. It was low speed, but it was still a shock. The dirt stopped us short; his car was angled a little less than halfway up the pile.

My heart pounded in my chest. I couldn't even say anything that I wanted to. He looked out his windshield for a few moments, then turned to me. "Oops," he said, "You okay?"

"Why… why did you do that?" I managed to stammer out.

He didn't answer, but he threw the car into reverse, kicked up a huge cloud of dirt, and backed us into the street, almost right into a tractor-trailer.

It honked and slammed on its brakes. Patrick said, "Whoops!" and drove us onto the shoulder again, just in time.

I leaped out of the car, ran back towards home, and never looked back. I took several side streets and even hid behind a couple of houses, just in case he tried to follow me.

He never called or wrote me after that incident. He must have realized that nearly killing someone isn't a great way to impress them.


  1. But completely kill someone, and you'll never see a person more impressed.

  2. Kidnap someone off a merchant vessel and force them to work in your navy... THAT will impress them.

  3. If we're going by the majority, and I can only assume the subjects of this site are the majority - then nearly killing someone is sort of the norm.

    @BostonGirl - I realize that logic made popular by Forrest Gump is the end all be all, but I just don't follow yours. What's wrong with being picked up in the middle of town, where there are lots of witnesses, in a public place, as opposed to her home?

  4. ^^, ^ Yeah, then he only knows where the public square is, not where her house is. I assume it was more to do with the stalking possibilities than the kidnapping possibilities.

  5. He thought your father put you up to pressing him for information.

  6. Hey Noma & Agnes - Well the way I looked at it was she was still getting into a stranger's car and he could have then taken her anywhere he wants and the Forrest Gump line was more for the guy being a dumbass then her. Also I had just watched the movie couldn't resist LOL. Does that make more sense why I thought she still made a bad choice in having him pick her up?


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