And My Foot Would Love to Meet Your Face

Email Sent in by Emelda:

Hey nivce profile. Are you available?

I like to work out, make money, and hity the gym. What could we do for our first date together.

There is an important knife I want to introduce you to. It was used in the war. It is at my house at 80 salem ave.



  1. And the "house" only adds to it:


    Of course, there's no knowing if that's the right one, but it fits the story...

  2. There's a knife I want to introduce you to... seventy times! *cue Psycho shower scene music*

    Yeah- no way anyone with any sense of preservation would accept that offer.

  3. Wow, somehow I always assumed that serial killers would be less direct. Maybe this one is just lazy.

  4. @Mediator - You had the same thought as I did. I think we should all post the googlemaps location for 80 Salem Ave for our home town see which one it could be ha-ha. Here's mine in Boston

  5. For some reason it didn't post so here it is again

  6. Jared, do you change addresses like you change names in posts?

  7. I change addresses. Mostly because you're all just nuts enough to actually Google Map these people.


  8. Your understanding of your readership is why this site flourishes!

  9. @JMG

    Bah! Humbug!


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