Devil in a Green Dress

Emails Sent in by Lester:

(Lester says: "Susan and I had already been out on a date when I received this:")

Hi Lester,

I swear I'm not crazy, but when I was in the shower this morning, I thought I heard someone shouting your name from out the bathroom window. I got out of the shower and looked outside and saw a woman around our age in a long green dress. It was so long that moving around in it looked like it would be impossible.

She looked up at me with hate in her eyes and without her saying a word, I knew that she was warning me about you. Then, as if it took her no effort at all, she turned and walked away.

She had black hair and equally dark eyes. Do you know who she might have been? It was freaky.


Lester Responds:

Hi Susan.

No clue. I wouldn't worry about it unless she threatens you. Let me know. What are you up to this week?


(Lester says: "Two weeks went by without hearing from her. Then:")

Susan Responds:

Hi Lester,

I don't think we should see each other anymore. Two more women with dark features and in green dresses came by to warn me about seeing you. This is all too much and I cannot take being watched and warned and stalked all the time. They knock all hours and right now at my door

(Lester says: "That's the last I heard from her.")


  1. My guess would have been that it's the Chicken of the Sea mermaid, but she's a blonde...

  2. Some people just can't handle telling someone they're not interested.

  3. What amuses me the most is that after the first email, the OP just kind of brushes off her obviously crazy statement and asks what she is doing that week. As long as she's hot or easy, why not, right?

  4. I agree, Steve. If it's true, it means someone is stalking him to the point that they tracked down someone he was talking to at their home (and confronting them in costume!) If false, and it almost certainly is, then it's solid evidence she's crazy as hell. Either way, total passivity is not a rational response.


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