Story Sent in by Jay:

Mona and I talked online for a little while before we met in person. She told me that she was a twin, that she had gone to three different high schools (as her family had moved around) and that she had sold some paintings that she had done. I was impressed with her, and so it was that I asked her out.

Dinner with her was great. We had a nice time, a good walk to a playground, a fun swing on the swing set, and a pleasant goodnight kiss. Yes, everything went well with Mona.

Mona called me up less than an hour after the date was over. She asked me, "Are you stupid, or something?"

It was a surprising question, especially given how well our date had gone. I reviewed the entire experience in seconds, but came up at a loss as to what I might have done wrong, and I told her so.

She said, "Idiot, you weren't on a date with me! That was Nancy, my twin sister!"

Huh. Hmm. Well.

She went on, "I got cold feet, and Nancy said she'd introduce herself to you and get to know you a little bit for me, and of course she steals you! She's done this before, and I should have known that she'd do it again!"

"I'm sorry," I said. To be fair, I probably could have asked Nancy, who I thought was Mona, some more detailed, probing questions that would have proved that she wasn't Mona. However, that's assuming that I had gone into the date expecting Nancy to take Mona's place, which I hadn't.

"She says she's in love with you!" Mona cried over the phone, "I can't stand this! You seriously couldn't tell that she wasn't me?"

"I… no. Why would I have suspected such a thing? Why didn't you just tell me that you were having second thoughts? I would have understood."

"Both of you are on my shit list. Bye." She hung up, and never called me again. Nancy never contacted me either, and although I was disappointed, I wasn't about to throw rocks at that hornet's nest.


  1. Yeah. There was no twin sister buddy.

  2. Even if there was a sister how was he supposed to know? It was their first time of meeting!

  3. Sounds like there was no twin sister there.

  4. Let us suppose there really was a twin sister. How much incentive would Nancy have to let OP know? The lie would eventually fold in on itself, so this would only lead to disaster.

    Creative way to dump someone, though.

  5. Yeah, I don't believe that there was a sister either.

  6. Yeah, she was playing a game. I'm just speculating, but I'd say what she was looking for was probably for the OP to break up with her (Mona) and declare love for Nancy, who was probably the "real" one.

    Of course, the real way to win is to not talk to either of them ever again, knowing a relationship built on mistrust would be absolute misery. Good job, OP!

  7. Good idea for rejection: Go on a date. If you don't like the guy, claim that it was your twin and make a big stinking drama out of it to scare the guy away, and your "problem" is solved.

    Let's supposed there really was a twin and the story is true. If Nancy is stealing Mona's dates, and Mona even knows about it, why would Mona keep sending Nancy on her dates and then get mad about it? Doesn't make any sense. Chewbacca is a Wookie.

  8. There is no Nancy, nor a Mona. It was only Jay and the swingset. He dumped himself.


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