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Let's face it: the only way you'll really "get to know" me is by having sex. Let's cut the crap about "emotional fulfillment" and "emotional needs" and just get to know each other the way god intended. "Have sex," god said, not, "Go to couples therapy and try listening to your whiny spouse." Just saying.


  1. You betcha! I'll take my clothes off before the date so I can get to know you faster. Efficiency is where it's at cause it makes women hot.

  2. ...y'know, I think, I THINK, I may have just about managed to get a handle on this guy without having sex.

    Shock and horror folks, I know, but bear with me on this!

    ...he's a douche. *jazz hands*

  3. Assuming he's talking about Christian religious rules, I think he has some of his theology mixed up.

  4. I love a good rant and that one is pretty funny.


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