That First Statement Is a Metaphor for Something

Email Sent in by Stevie:

Ever eaten pizza straight from the garbage?

Now that I have your attention, hi! I'm Brent. I think that you dated a friend of mine who's also on this site. Larry Fritz. Remember him? If not then that was probably some other bitch. Anyway, how the hell are you?

Your profile indicates that you're fun and cool. That's fun. And cool. Together that makes cun. Or fool. LOL.

Let's play a game. I will share something personal about me. You can then share something personal about you. In the spirit of chivalry, I'll go first, trusting that you will not tell anyone. Seriously, DO NOT TELL ANYONE THIS I am sharing it only with you. I like watching women shit.

Can't believe I just wrote that!!! Your turn!


(Stevie says: "I didn't respond, and I never dated anyone named Larry. Soon enough, a follow-up message arrived:")

Brent Writes:

Hi again. I couldn't help but notice that you're taking a while to respond. I will sweeten the deal by telling bitch TWO personal things about me if bitch tells me one about bitch. Please don't tell anyone that first thing I wrote. Thank you!

Stevie Responds:


I never dated a Larry Fritz. And if you ever write me again, I'm going to tell everyone your secret.


(Stevie says: "No response from Brent.")


  1. Is there a tag for "Guys that other guys would happily kill as a favor to women?"

  2. ^ I'm not sure that would be a match considering that Brent, a man, is sending this message to Stevie, another man. Something tells me that women don't have to worry about Brent bothering them.

    Unless "Stevie" is actually a girl's name.

  3. ^ It can be a female name, like Stevie Nicks. In any case, given the "bitch" & "spirit of chivalry" comments, sounds like he's dealing with a woman. And that he's a charmer.


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