Sounds Ruff

Story Sent in by Ian:

Ella was a blind date who wore a dog collar to our first meeting, complete with metal name tag and rabies vaccination tag. It roused my curiosity. As we walked down a sidewalk on a sunny afternoon with no destination in particular, I asked her, "What's the story with the collar? If you don't mind my asking."

She shrugged and said, "Fashion statement." That worked for me.

She then held a fist up into the air and said, "Destination? Excellence!" then accelerated forward on the sidewalk. I hurried to catch up. She led us around the same block about three times when she stopped and pulled out a leash.

She held the clip-on end toward me and said, "Clip it on me?"

I froze. She clipped it on herself and hooked the handle end over a nearby hydrant. She pulled out her phone and once someone picked up, she said, "Hey Brent. Come pick me up. I'm at 11 Williamson in Arcadia." After a moment, she said, "A total dud, but if you get here soon, that would make me happy. Thanks."

She hung up the phone, sat on the curb, and stared across the street, into space. I tried talking to her, but there was no response. I decided to leave before Brent arrived, and so I did. Last blind date I'll ever do.


  1. Another case of "OP was too boring, date wigged to get a reaction"

  2. ^It doesn't seem like he even got a chance, they started walking and she quickly started acting out.

  3. Who would set you up with someone like that?! I think you need to re-evaluate your circle of friends. :)

  4. ^ Ha, good catch! Yeah, him following her three times around the same block definitely puts this in a new perspective. Maybe OP should wear a dog collar too - sounds like she definitely made him her bitch...

  5. I wouldn't completely give up on blind dates because of one person. But yeah, some of what these guys have said.


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