Pain in the Rear Ended

Story Sent in by Richard:

Brenda and I had been together for six weeks when she offered to pick me up from work one Saturday afternoon and go out afterward. Up until this point, she had struck me as very compassionate, kindhearted, and sensitive.

We were stopped at a red light in her SUV, talking about something I've since forgotten. A small sedan was in front of us. The light turned green, and the sedan didn't move.

Brenda honked, then honked again. "Come on!" she yelled, "Sometime today!"

Before the sedan had a chance to move, Brenda, I believe by accident, floored it into the sedan's trunk. There was a terrific crunch, I yelled in shock and the next thing I knew, Brenda was out of the SUV.

She ran to the driver's side of the sedan and banged on its window. She yelled, "Look what you did to my vehicle! If you went when the light turned green, like a normal person, then this wouldn't have happened!"

Brenda banged on the window again. From what I could see, the person inside the sedan didn't open her door, but she instead pulled out her phone.

I jumped out from my side and ran to the sedan. I yelled through the window to the middle-aged woman inside, "Are you okay?"

The woman looked at me. Brenda yelled, "Is she okay? What about me? Don't get on her side. She should have gone and she knows it!"

I said to Brenda, "You smashed into her trunk!"

Brenda shook with rage. She screamed, "If you tell the cops, we're done! You understand?"

The cops showed up shortly thereafter, took statements from everyone, and of course, I told the truth. Brenda's insurance likely skyrocketed, and she never spoke to me again.


  1. You really think that was by accident?!?

  2. ^ Eh, she might have meant to stomp in frustration and accidentally stomped on the gas pedal. That's the only way I can imagine this was an accident.

  3. Yeah she went crazy, no argument there. And I think it was on purpose too. But why didn't the lady just go? Stuff like that happens a lot! She was probably texting. And just cuz she's middle aged doesn't mean she couldn't have been sitting there texting...

  4. Maybe it looked like someone was going to run the light- I've hesitated plenty of times because of that.

    Either way, if you're dumb enough to use your right foot to stomp in anger while in the driver's seat . . .

  5. "She ran to the driver's side of the sedan and banged on its window." I tensed up a little after that sentence because here in Texas the next line very well could have been: "Then the driver shot Brenda in the face."

  6. I feel bad for the poor driver. I know that the OP probably just wanted to help, but having to deal with ONE crazy asshole from the car that just rear ended her screaming at her window was bad enough. She didn't need the passenger from the same SUV screaming at her other window, no matter how "nice" the words were supposed to sound.


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