I Have an Idiot Test of My Own

Profile Sent in by Scarlett:

About me:

I'm an honest guy looking for an honest woman. After two relationships in five years I'm ready for a woman who is serious. I never did anything wrong and yet I was always crucified (emotionally, spiritually) by the women I was seeing.

I have a patented (©®, etc.)) system for detecting whether or not we would be a good match. 1. We go out on a date. You can only know so much from speaking online. If you do not agree to a date first then I will assume you have something to hide and if you have something to hide than I am uninterested. See how easy?

2. I might ask you random factual questions to see if you pass the idiot test. No one yet has answered them all...

3. I want to meet your parents as soon as possible. It will help me get an idea of what our kids will look like. You'd be amazed at how accurate this is.

If interested, write me. Don't know what it is with women on this site not answering e-mails. You're on this site, you'll get messaged by males. Deal with it. Otherwise why are you here?


  1. I can never tell who is really serious in these things.

  2. "I never did anything wrong and yet I was always crucified (emotionally, spiritually)"

    Also physically. Look, I just really need someone to get me down from this thing...

    1. I've had women crucify me a few times. It is usually followed my some sexy spanking or flogging. :)

  3. I was with him in the first paragraph. I mean, what male isn't crucified by his women? That seems natural and I have accepted it as my fate.

    The second paragraph was in the ballpark as well, except I began to feel a little uncomfortable. I mean, most women will want to chat a bit first, to feel OK before proceeding to a date. But, the warmth of the first paragraph was still with me, and I kept moving forward.

    I lost momentum at point number 2 (since I am an idiot). Point 3 seemed unreasonable and the last paragraph was overly confrontational.

  4. Appears to lack self-awareness. This is in his profile and he wonders why women don't respond to his emails?

  5. Interesting ego defence mechanism he has there, if a woman doesn't agree to a date it's her fault (Obviously).
    I was so sure part of the list would be 5. we have to see if we are sexually compatible

  6. Kids looking like grandparents more than their own parents? Not in my experience.


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