You the Monster

Email Sent in by Blaire:

Helloooooooooooooo blaire!

I was tyhinking that if a monster came and ate you then it would be good news for me. Lemme explain: i have a list on this site of women I would date (or do..lol) and you have the priveliege of being on it with three others. My problem is that i just can't choose! Ur all hot and I would have you all at once but women hate fun so I guess I won't be doing that! I can't choose! If a monster ate you at random then that would help me pick!!



  1. Heh. I would have given him a link to a polyamorous dating site, if there is such a thing, or just polyamory info XD There ya go buddy, problem solved, death by monster not necessary.

  2. Lime, there are TOTES polyamourous dating sites! I would totally message this guy back or else just send Photoshopped pics of Cookie Monster devouring me. Heh. COOKIES.


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