It Was the Best Thanksgiving Ever

Email Sent in by Don:

(Don says: "I have seven photos of myself on my profile. One is of me dressed like a zombie for a Halloween party.")


You must really like dressing like zombie, right? Ever eat corpse. I did once on a dare and only then just a hair. Fresh dead, we didn't digup.



  1. Well alright then.

  2. ...And this one time, I pretended to be dead, so I got into the county morgue, and my eyes were open in case someone tried to autopsy me, but it was closing time so no-one tried that, then after they locked up I got up and found the master key and let myself out, and kept the key so I could visit any old time!

  3. ^because the best place for some alone time is the morgue.

  4. Well, you know what they say - it's not an awesome zombie party until somebody dies and gets eaten!

  5. I'm always about a half-step away from deleting my dating site profile. If I had gotten this email, it would have put me over the edge.


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