To Some, It's Bloodsport

Story Sent in by Jacob:

Trisha and I were friends in college, and we even founded a student group together: a coed kickball league. It wasn't terribly big, but generated enough interest to keep it a healthy club for four semesters straight.

We also dated on and off for those four semesters. It was never anything exclusive, but she was always there for me, and I was always there for her. She had a great sense of humor and was a lot of fun.

One morning, before a game (we were on opposing teams) we met up for breakfast and she was in a bad mood. To this day, I don't know why, but whatever was bugging her, she took out on me.

Referring to the menu, I'd ask her, "What looks good to you?"

She'd reply, "Whatever the hell you want. I don't care."

"What's wrong?"

"None of your business. Just order your freaking breakfast."

I surmised that it was about another guy, and we had an implied "don't ask, don't tell" policy, so when she told me to drop it, I dropped it.

She seemed to cheer up a bit when we made it to the playing field. Her team was happy to see her, at the very least. We set ourselves up on the playing field and played ball.

After a few innings, I was up and she was pitching. Maybe it was the wind or perhaps it was Providence. Whatever it was, she pitched a fateful pitch, and I kicked it like a bullet right into her face.

It bounced off, she fell back, and a timeout was called. I ran up to her, with most of her team, and asked her if she was okay.

She came at me with teeth, fists, and feet flying. "I hate you! I hate you! I can't believe I slept with you! I hate you!"

Everyone's eyes were on me. Our relationship was never a secret, but still…

"I hate you, you asshole!" she screamed, then scrambled up and ran off the field, toward the closest campus building. All eyes were on me, and I told the players to keep going while I ran after her to check on her.

I called into each of the women's rooms that I could find, but she wasn't there. She didn't come back to the game, and I didn't see her again for several weeks. She did her best to ignore me, and I didn't press the issue. She never played kickball with us after that, and the league disbanded a semester or so after she and I graduated.


  1. The only explanation I can think of is that she felt somewhat differently about "on and off" and "not exclusive"... Did you maybe just before this sleep with someone else?

  2. ^That could be it, but if so this guy had no clue how she felt about it, so if she had a problem she should have brought it up before.

  3. All of the above. She probably was pissed at herself for wasting so much time being sex buddies with OP. Good for her for growing up and finding out what she wants, but what she did to OP just plain sucked.

  4. Yes, we need more context here. It definitely sounds like she's jealous about OP seeing someone else.

  5. Jumping to dramatic conclusions: She might have been pregnant, or at least late and worried about it.

    Having a ball kicked into your face by someone you suspect might be the father of your child could cause exactly the reaction that happened here.

  6. I agree with Cotswold - speaking from experience, a lot of times these things are not clearly defined and that results in brief trips to Crazytown. You know, I once had a woman turn me down when I asked her to be exclusive and then flip out literally less than a minute later when she found out I had been sleeping with somebody else while dating her? Definitions of "exclusive" or "on and off" can be REALLY wonky.

  7. Smallcitygirl: "Good for her for growing up..."

    Yes. Not communicating her feelings effectively, pouting, then throwing a tantrum in public all sound like very mature behaviors. Women everywhere should be proud.

  8. I believe Cotswold nailed it.

  9. Sorry wolfie, but if you were screwing around while dating someone else, you deserved it.

  10. @theMediator, how do you figure? I've always felt that exclusivity is a pretty binary state; either you're allowed to hook up with other people or you're not. It seems a little ridiculous to say "I want to keep being allowed to sleep with other people" and then immediately thereafter be like "You've been sleeping with other people, WTF?!? I HATE YOU"

  11. ^ I agree that it is a yes/no question, it just depends on whether or not it was previously defined. If nothing was discussed you should really assume no. Or is that not the default relationship anymore?


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